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Edison Investment Research , VSA and WH Ireland all write research on Egdon Resources plc

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Edison Investment Research

Commissioned research (Accessible for private and institutional investors subject to jurisdiction)

Research Provider Analyst Email
Edison Investment Research Carlos Gomes email
 Title  Date
Developments at Wressle and Resolution 27/1/20
Wressle and Resolution updates 20/1/20
2020 focus on conventional assets 2/12/19
Farm-out update and government moratorium 4/11/19
Announced an exclusivity agreement 4/10/19
Resolution CPR published ahead of farm-out 25/4/19
Extensive shale sequence with gas indications 11/3/19
Poorly developed sands at Biscathorpe-2  21/2/19
Biscathorpe-2 – a material catalyst for Egdon 7/1/19 
UK shale appraisal in focus 12/11/18


Broker Exempt Research (Accessible for private and institutional investors subject to jurisdiction

Research Provider Analyst Email
VSA Oliver O’Donnell    email
 Title  Date
VSA Morning Flow Test 20/1/20
VSA Morning Flow Test 12/9/19
VSA Morning Flow Test 29/7/19
VSA Morning Flow Test 15/7/19
VSA Morning Flow Test 4/6/19
Interim results 9/4/19
VSA Morning Flow test 11/3/19
 VSA Morning Flow Test  21/02/19
 VSA Morning Flow Test  25/01/19
 VSA Morning Flow Test  22/01/19


WH Ireland

Broker research (For Institutional Investors Only and subject to jurisdiction)

Yet to launch coverage (July 2020)

Research Provider Analyst Email

WH Ireland

Brendan Long email