Egdon has extensive operated and non-operated acreage  interests in the Gainsborough Trough unconventional gas plays in the East Midlands.

We are the third largest net acreage holder in the Gainsborough Trough play with 82,000 acres with shale/tight gas potential shown on the map and chart below

These Carboniferous Tight Gas and Shale Gas plays have yet to be drilled by modern wells employing the latest Logging and coring techniques.

2018 saw the commencement of unconventional exploration in the play at Tinker Lane which was drilled on the extremities of the play and failed to find the targeted shale in Q4. Egdon has a carried 14.5% interest in the second and third wells to be drilled at Springs Road operated by IGas Energy plc in 2019 (follow Link to IGas Springs Road Project Site).

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 G1Egdon East Midlands Acreage


 G2Cross Section across basin
 G3IGas Springs Road Wellsite Autumn 2018  G4Gainsborough Trough Acreage Holders 2018